Is this workshop on Structuring Creativity suitable for me?

The workshop is ideal for individuals who are finishing up their education or are at the crossroads of their lives and want to explore the path to entrepreneurship The workshop should appeal to individuals who are interested in Psychology and want to understand some of the practical implications results from research in psychology has on everyday life. It is for those who have a burning desire to carve out their own path and are eager to make their lives extraordinary in their own way.

What is in it for participants?

‚ÄčThe desired outcome of this workshop is to empower and motivate participants with knowledge and methods to think originally and creatively. Participants could then use the understanding gained from the workshop to approach different situations with a fresh perspective and for figuring out solutions in a creative manner. This would enable the participants to improve not just their life but those around them as well. The creative perspective the workshop provides would greatly impact not just the participant's personal well-being but his professional life as well. 

Why Creativity?

As Human Beings - the most evolved species on earth - we are the facilitators of our own creative evolution. Every human is born creative - the challenge is to keep that creativity alive in him. But, in countries like India, creativity is killed in favor of acquiring skills which would enable an individual to become employable. Globally, only one in four believe that they are living up to their creative potential. 
In order for an organization to compete most effectively in the marketplace, research has shown that Creativity must be a vital skill of its employees. But unfortunately, being productive in an organization is valued more than being creative - the lines of code the employee writes or the number of test scripts he runs is valued more than any other insight he provides.

Why Creativity needs a structured approach?

Creativity is not like a tap which can be opened at will to let the 'creative juices' out. Creativity requires the right attitude, mindset and intent. Creativity, like many other skills, can be learnt, practiced and improved. This workshop takes an interactive, psychology based, meta-cognitive approach by calling participants to tap into their higher order thought process to understand creativity deeply and to use the knowledge gained to chart out a path to a creative and fulfilling life.  

What are the key topics covered in the workshop?

The workshop structure and content is based on deep understanding of the human psyche obtained over several years of scientific research and insights from some of the greatest global thinkers and personalities. Some key topics covered in the workshop are - Characteristics associated with creativity; Killing creativity; Individuality and creativity; Creativity and Happiness; Destination addiction; Failure as a stepping stone to creativity; 'Hustling', enthusiasm, priorities, habits, awareness and regrets in the context of creativity; Identifying key takeaways from Life's lessons; Establishing individual's Passion and Purpose; Finding Self belief and Motivation; Taking control; Productivity hacks; Decision Making, Hard work and Resourcefulness; Sense of urgency; The importance of starting; Key creative ingredients to entrepreneurship and innovation.

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