Asad Ali Junaid

Junaid regularly conducts workshops on Creativity. Junaid has earlier conducted worshops on Creativity at Oracle, Mount Carmel College, Chirst University, PSG Tech, Ashirvad and at Atta Galatta. 

Why does Junaid want to and how is he even qualified to conduct workshops on Creativity?

Junaid has an undergraduate degree (BE) in Electrical Engineering from Bangalore and while he was completing it, he got intrigued by Psychology and was convinced that figuring out the human mind and what makes it tick was definitely a bigger challenge than scrutinize how any of the machines worked. Driven by a deep desire to further understand the human psyche, he decided to pursue a graduate degree (MS) in the field of psychology. He subsequently earned himself MS Degrees in Psychology and in Electrical Engineering as well. 

After obtaining his MS degrees, Junaid has worked for more than ten years in the creative field as an Experience Designer in companies such as Adobe, Oracle, IBM, Intel, among others.

Junaid's passion to understand the human mind has not diminished one bit over all these years. He has been fascinated as ever in the pursuit of fathoming how a human behaves. He has put together the workshop structure and content based on the understanding of the human psyche which he obtained over several years. From the feedback he has obtained from his past workshops, he is clear that the workshop would immensely benefit those who seek answers. 

Junaid Structuring Creativity

Life's philosophy: This quote sums it up: “You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” -Jojo Moyes

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Links to some articles Junaid has authored-

According to a 'Future of Work-Expected Skills' report by the World Economic Forum, Creativity takes the third spot in the Top 10 Work Skills expected in 2020. Research shows that for an organization to compete most effectively in the marketplace, Creativity must be a vital skill of its employees. Creativity is not like a tap which can be opened at will to let the creative juices flow. Creativity requires the right attitude, mindset and intent. Creativity, like many other skills can be learnt, practiced and improved.

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Junaid has tried his hand at entrepreneurship - he Co-Founded StyleMyFit Clothing Pvt. Ltd. StyleMyFit makes Custom/ Made-to-Measure Apparels to complement body type & personal styles – with the convenience of e-commerce.

Junaid is also the author of an epistolary novel - 'And We Remained' - a story told through emails and first person narration of events.